sauna bag

Find the right sauna bag

For a sauna visit you need some utensils. Sauna towels, bathrobe, shower items and other equipment must be stowed away accordingly. And the bag should also look attractive. Furthermore a waterproof compartment is also essential. Moist sauna towels should be stored in the sauna bag in a separate wet compartment. For example, money or your smartphone can be safely stored in a waterproof compartment. The sauna bag should also be made of a quick-drying material. This way the bag is always quick-drying and can be stowed away until the next visit to the sauna.

Tips for buying a sauna bag

When buying a sauna bag, you should consider a few criteria to ensure that you choose the right model.

The right size

The sauna bag should be the right size. You should pay attention to this when buying. Because for a sauna session you need a large sauna towel and a medium and a small shower towel so that you can dry yourself. A bathrobe is also useful. For the resting phase you will still need a towel to cover the lounger. Since many towels are already needed for the sauna, the sauna bag must also have the appropriate size.

Other equipment is usually also carried along when taking a sauna. This includes bathing slippers, body care products, shower gel and shampoo. If the facility allows it, you should bring some fruit and a drink. You will need space in your bag for this. Private utensils such as smartphone, keys and wallet must also fit in the sauna bag. If several sauna sessions are planned when visiting the sauna, you should also take along an activity for the rest periods. Music, headphones, books or newspapers are gladly taken along for relaxation. You will also need space in your sauna bag for this.

Quality of the sauna bag

With regard to weight, a sauna bag does not have to perform much, if you compare it with luggage, for example. Nevertheless, the sauna bag is regularly stuffed into a locker. Here the material of the sauna bag should be durable enough. Pay attention to the workmanship of the sauna bag when you buy it. The seams should be well sewn to withstand the strain. The basic material of the sauna bag should be easy-care and quick-drying so that it is easy to handle for you.


The new sauna bag should have enough compartments so that you can clearly store all your utensils. Nothing is worse than throwing all items into one compartment and having to rummage around in search of them. Furthermore, the towels are usually wet or at least moist after your sauna session. Your new sauna bag should have an appropriate wet compartment. This way you can store the items you want to keep dry, such as money, smartphone or keys, separately. Furthermore, wet compartments in bags are always ventilated. So your sauna towels will not stick.


A sauna bag has a huge volume. However, many things need to be carried around for taking a sauna. Choose a design for your new sauna bag that you like. There are elegant, sporty, fancy or simple designs. When you buy it, you should make sure that the sauna bag has an additional carrying strap. So you can easily hang the voluminous bag over your shoulder and carry it light-heartedly. Sauna bags with wheels are also available in stores. Here the bag can then simply be pulled behind you. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste whether you want to carry the sauna bag over your shoulder or drag it behind you. Perhaps you would like to use the sauna bag for other purposes, too, perhaps as a bathing bag, travel bag or sports bag? Then you should take this into account when choosing the design.


When taking a sauna, you need many items. In particular, the amount of towels you carry for sauna is not heavy, but it is extremely voluminous. If a bathrobe is also carried, the volume of luggage for the sauna increases. It is not possible to store this amount of towels in a backpack or a small sports bag. You need a sufficiently large bag for this. Sauna bags offer you the advantage that they are explicitly designed and adapted to your needs. Here you will find suitable compartments for your utensils. If the bag is equipped with wet compartments, you can optimally separate the wet and dry items from each other. In addition to size, quality and compartment layout, the bag should be appealing in design and easy to carry. Voluminous bags are easier to carry if they can be hung over the shoulder with a carrying strap. Alternatively, bags with wheels are also very practical. They can simply be pulled behind.