sauna cap

At first glance it seems truly grotesque: Wearing a cap in the heat? Do you ask yourself what this should be for? The reasons are absolutely given and it is not for nothing that more and more sauna-goers decide to wear a sauna hat!

What is a sauna cap?

The sauna cap is also called sauna hat or sauna cap. It is a protection for the head in case of too much heat. Due to the insulating properties of the wool felt hat, the head is optimally protected against harmful overheating.

Why should you use a sauna cap?

The cap has its origin in Russia and has a long tradition there. In the meantime, however, it has also become indispensable in the home sauna. They protect the head from overheating in the sauna and the cap is also very effective near the sauna. Because especially sensitive people could quickly catch a cold or even catch a chill outdoors. The sauna cap made of felt is a poor heat conductor, so that the temperature of the head is maintained as far as possible. So from a health point of view this kind of headgear is very advisable. But there are also other reasons that could speak for a sauna hat. These have more of an entertaining benefit and may be considered a fad. One wants to have fun and the imaginative hats, caps and bonnets can indeed look quite funny. So you can choose from a colorful assortment and everyone can find their personal favorite.

The fun of dressing up

In the sauna the cladding and its possibilities are limited. Either you go completely naked into the sauna or you only have a kilt at your disposal. The only exception is the popular sauna hat. And there are really no limits to your imagination. The fun of the colorful costumes has found its way into the sauna. There are very unusual designs and also the simple models that are more of a classic. It is not unusual for the regular sauna-goer to own several sauna hats, which can be worn according to mood and occasion (celebration, anniversary, stag party, …). These imaginative hats and caps naturally look especially good in a convivial atmosphere.
What should one pay attention to?

Look for a felt cap when buying.

The quality is crucial and determines how long you can use your hat. It is recommended that you wash it by hand about three to four times a year. Of course, this depends on how often you visit the sauna, how much you sweat and how seriously you take the care. You should also pay attention to the correct fit and also to the shape, the look of the hats. The classic models are plain and mostly in grey, white or beige. But there are also eye-catching models in any design, bright colors with patterns or sayings. So please consider your personal style and what you want to express with the sauna hat. Maybe you are only interested in the head protection or on the other hand in a headdress? Meanwhile, the choice is so large that every taste should come at his expense.

Pay attention to the right size

In addition to the universal sizes, various fits are also offered. This makes sense because the hat should fit, but not too wide or too tight. Make sure that the hat is comfortable to wear. A casually fitting sauna hat best fulfills its purpose. Women should be particularly careful in this respect. The beanie is not primarily a stylish fashion trend. Rather, it protects your head and hair. Under the cap the hair is much less prone to split ends. So when choosing the size, keep in mind that long hair should also be stored under the hat.
Fabric and quality make a good sauna hat

A cap made of wool felt is the perfect choice. It is the effective classic that has proven itself over time. Besides felt, caps made of linen, rabbit felt or cotton are also available. However, these materials are not as effective as felt. You should also consider that a sauna cap made of cotton will be full of sweat in no time. Besides the right fabric, you should also pay attention to a good workmanship. For hygienic reasons, you should only choose tested new material. This will make your next sauna session a success and you will enjoy your practical and sensible purchase for a long time.

Conclusion about the sauna cap

All in all, the sauna cap has a long tradition, it is effective and can even be dressing. A model made of felt is the best choice. Pay attention to the correct fit and maintain your hat regularly. This way you will be dressed in style for the next sauna session and you will not risk the next cold. The positive side effect (except for protection against heat and cold): your hair gets less split ends. No matter if you wear a classic sauna hat or an eye-catching one, it is a beautiful accessory for the sauna.