sauna hat

Ever heard of a sauna hat? Yes, a hat for the sauna! It may sound funny at first, but it can be very useful! We will inform you and give you tips.

The sauna hat is a felt hat worn on the head in the sauna as protection against excessive heat. Occasionally it is also called a sauna hat or felt cap. This hat is usually made of felt, or more precisely wool felt. Felt is a bad conductor of heat and thus protects your head with its insulating properties. On the other hand, felt transports moisture quite well and ensures that the hat does not get wet. Occasionally you can also find sauna hats made of linen, rabbit felt or cotton. If the hat is made of cotton you should be aware that the wool quickly absorbs sweat. Mainly the sauna hat is worn in neutral colors like grey, white or cream. Colorful sauna caps can also be seen in the sauna from time to time. There are, however, different variations in the shape of the headgear. The classic form reminds of a normal hat or cap. The felt can also be embroidered or provided with floral patterns. But if you like it, you will also find a large selection of unusual sauna hats, which could fit a Viking, pilot or cowboy as headgear. Have you ever met a Viking in the sauna? With such a sauna hat you are guaranteed to get into conversation quickly. If you have your own garden sauna, you can of course take off your sauna hat at the neighboring fence as a greeting.


Where does the sauna hat come from?

The sauna hat originally comes from Russia. The banya (Russian sauna) has a basic temperature of about 85-90 ° but the Russians pour much more water on the stoves. This increases the humidity in the sauna and it feels hotter, which is not the case.
The Russians then started to put on felt caps that are made of 100% sheep wool. This trend spread very quickly.

Does a sauna hat really bring something?

Is the sauna hat just a fashion trend or a joke? In short, no! 🙂 It may be becoming more and more fashionable, but with the felt hat the benefit is clearly in the foreground. Our scalp is quite thin. Cold temperatures or intense heat quickly make themselves felt on the head. Especially in the sauna, the temperature rises very quickly, so the scalp can become uncomfortably hot. For some people, the heat of a proper infusion even causes headaches.

But what the summer hat does with the sun, the sauna hat does with the sauna: it actually protects against the heat. Since the head naturally gets the most heat when sitting down, but the rest of the body can usually tolerate even more heat, you will be able to enjoy the next infusion with the felt cap for longer and also find it more pleasant. Especially men with short hair can tolerate the sauna infusion better this way. If your ears often get too hot in the sauna, we recommend a model in which the felt also covers the ears or has ear flaps. For women, the hair under a sauna hat is less prone to split ends.

But you are also welcome to leave the sauna hat on after the sauna session. Because when cooling down in the fresh air, the felt keeps the heat under the hat. In this way you avoid a cold due to cooling down too quickly. Even if it may still be a sight that takes some getting used to, the sauna hat is definitely a useful sauna accessory.

How do I care for my sauna hat?

A sauna hat does not really need much care if you follow a few basic rules. After sauna treatment you should only make sure that the felt hat can air out well. Just hang it over a hook and you are done. Wool felt is a natural product and has the excellent property that it cleans itself and even breaks down absorbed sweat. Depending on how often you go to the sauna, you can wash the sauna hat by hand two or three times a year. After washing, please do not put the hat in the dryer, but leave it to air dry as usual. This way you will enjoy your sauna hat for a long time to come.